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Peer Reviews

Have you ever needed an extra set of eyes on your report or white-paper? Enter the Tech Exchange for an opportunity to submit your work for review or apply to be part of the Tech Exchange Peer Review Team!


Discover the best resource libraries in the country! The Tech Exchange will provide the community with unlimited access to some of the greatest research in community development, civic tech, smart cities, iOT, and govtech. Do you have a white paper? Submit your work to The Tech Exchange for increased exposure in the civic tech ecosystem!

Skills Matching

Are you a social entrepreneur in the early stages of development and in need of services--such as web development/design, copy editing, or social media marketing? * THE TECH EXCHANGE We are able to match community members with contract employees specializing in this area.

Information Crowdsourcing

Information crowdsourcing and peer-to- peer sharing is a great way to take your social enterprise from idea to launch.
Once you create your profile, you will join a community of dreamers, thinkers, and more importantly, the doers in the world of social enterprise.

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Website Templates & Hosting

Custom WordPress templates, hosting options, video tutorials, and articles to assist you in creating your desired website.

Full Scale Design, Development & Management

Access to a dedicated team for tech setup & management, marketing, and digital operations management.


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The Partners Behind The Tech Exchange

The Civic Tech Collective

The Civic Tech Collective is a digital platform connecting communities to valuable tools, resources, and news about the advances being made to solve real life issues through technology. Quite simply, it is the number one resource for anyone with a desire to change the world.

Geek Empowered

Geek Empowered delivers value and empower businesses with right-sized end to end software solutions and testing. We match businesses with purpose-driven talent. The methods are inclusive to those who strive to have a tech career.

Colony 5 Accelerator

Colony 5 is a non-profit is a business accelerator designed to connect entrepreneurs in distressed communities with all the resources they need to establish scale, sustainability and remain in their communities.